Droid Torso


(Head and arms not included)
The Torso set ships with:
- 1 torso chest plate
- 1 torso backplate
- 2 shoulder rings
- 2 shoulder bells
- 2 accurate side screws
- 2 chest pistons

During the prequels, Anthony Daniels had his costume chest enlarged to be more comfortable. The modification is so slight it's barely noticeable. I've accomplished the same modification on my torso and gained 2" in girth. Please specify whether you'd prefer the original 36" chest or larger 38" chest. The price is the same on both.

Because of demand, parts can take between 10-12 months to arrive at your address, anywhere in the world. Not included: head, arms.

Each order is handmade, trimmed, sanded. Because of demand, fabrication & Shipping can take up to 10 months.