Droid Arms


Photo shows arms with display hands. There is also a wearable option available. Both Arms sets ship with:
- 2 biceps
- 2 forearms
- 4 functioning pistons
- 6 arm greeblies
- 2 wearable handplates & 10 Wearable fingers (no hand pistons included)
- Display hands (pictured)

The piston connections for the arms are fully functional.

The large arms is a modified model to fit larger arms. The small arms are closer to the original size used in production.

Small Arm Measurements as follows:
- Wrist: approx 9"
- Forearm at top: approx 10.5"
- Bicep at bottom: approx 10.5"
- Bicep at armpit: approx 11.5"
- Actual shoulder opening: approx 11"

Each order is handmade, trimmed, sanded. Because of demand, fabrication & shipping of each order can take up to 10 months.